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We are Building Culture

Practice-led, human-centred placemaking


Practice led.

Pilot delivery.

Proof of concept.

Action research.

However you frame it, through our hands on style of consultancy we advise the cultural & creative sector, the property sector and anyone working within the realms of placemaking, using our vast and varied experience to inform projects we believe in.


Our unique way of working means we roll up our sleeves to embed ourselves in a practical way when useful, calling upon our grassroots and ground-up heritage to test and deliver. This results forward approach informs with practice not just theory.

Working in this way sees us effortlessly move between advisory, producing and delivery roles to help inform good work.

Current project

Place Lab pilot, Peterlee
October 2022 – March 2024

In 2022 County Durham narrowly missed out on being named UK City of Culture 2025 and following the campaign, ‘The Culture County’ was established as a commitment to delivering a pioneering cultural activity with a lasting legacy.

Central to the original bid, and to The Culture County, was Place Lab, an ambitious initiative to “connect people, creativity and great ideas through a county-wide network of creative hubs plus a central research hub”.

Building Culture was commissioned to develop and deliver the first pilot for the Place Lab project, in Peterlee. It allowed us to use our unique brand of practice-led consultancy to embed ourselves in East Durham in order to lead by example and help inform the wider project as it progressed.


About Us

A sibling organisation to Empty Shop CIC, Building Culture combines the classic hands-on, delivery-led approach Empty Shop is known for with the placemaking and regeneration expertise we have developed over the last 15 years to share, inform, empower and catalyse.

Always starting from a baseline of social responsibility, our grassroots heritage and sector level experience gives us a unique position from which to offer a distinctive brand of practice-led consultancy. 

We advocate authentic and embedded response over ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions and deliver this through our tried and tested collaborative, practice-focused approach.

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